Metasploit Dockerfile


Managing updates and dependencies of a Metasploit installation have definitely been too much trouble and repetitive.

Instead of keeping reproducing boring installation steps every x months, I decided to build a Dockerfile for once.

I chose Debian for its good compromise between features, stability and lightness. I am aware of the Kali Dockerfile, that I could have used as a base. But:

  • ┬áIt is a definitely over-killing image (more than 1 GB) and, at this cost, it does not come with a fully-featured Metasploit (no database connection, for instance).
  • I like keeping minimal and controlled stuff. In other words, I like doing things on my own.

So, this Debian-based Metasploit container comes with:

  • all dependencies installed,
  • automatic updates at startup,
  • a connection with the local Postgres database,
  • an improved prompt with timestamping and sessions/jobs status.

You can find it on my github.

If you have any trouble or suggestion on how to improve it, please let me know. Enjoy it and go ahead if you want to fork it!

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