to easily get rid off social networking is a very convenient website if you consider deleting your account from one of these social networking sites that are everywhere now. Of course, they all do their best to make it difficult, trying to hide it and discourage you. Here Deleteyouraccount comes to help.

I will still take a few days of thoughts, but I am seriously considering deleting my Linkedin account. I once got invited to it and got trapped.

My private data are certainly useful to Linkedin, but all this stuff has been totally useless to me so far. One of the things I really hate is that it tends to  increase the number of contacts artificially even though the relationship is not sincere.

I have a number of “contacts” that I barely know or keep in touch with, whereas I don’t need Linkedin to communicate with the people I truly appreciate.

Less social networking, more human reliationship, more freedom, more privacy : sounds good.