How to strip the attachment from an IMAP mail

While trying hard long and long hours to write a perl script that can extract attachments from pieces of e-mail, I realized that there were no clear info on the web on how to do, and that if I successed, I would publish that script.

Finally I succeded. That is actually very easy and that is probably why nothing was ever published about it. But, when you are a beginner in Perl (I learned it in 1 week), you normally need a little bit more help. Also, I was not alone in that case and there were a numerous questions on various forum, but without satisfying answers.

As I said, my script is extrimely simple.

It is based on the Mail::IMAPTalk module to establish the IMAP connection and on the MIME::Parser module to parse the mail as a MIME object (given by the first module).

I know there is a dedicated CPAN module to strip attachment : Mail::Attachment::Stripper, but, I could never get it to work and the author did not answer to my e-mail.

You will find the script here with some comments that should explain well :

Of course, that is just a quick and dirty base : it is up to you to improve / correct / extend it to fit your needs. If so, be nice to update me here. ;)