Welcome to my new blog !

Hi all,

I am a french system and network architect. I have been long enjoying many blogs of many competent people through the net. I often learned many things, greatly appreciated the ease of use and thought that the ability to comment the articles and exchange with the author was a great point. There is not doubt this new way of using the web is the future.

So, the other day, I was thinking : "Why not me ?". During my work, I sometimes found out a solution to my problem that is still not so well known on the net. It would be my small contribution and may be as useful to the visitors as other blogs were useful to me. Furthermore, I spend a lot of time gathering some information from the web and keep them on my laptop. Why not sharing them with the visitors ?

It would be not only benefit to the visitors, but to me. I would have to organise my documents, I would benefit the comments, corrections and criticizes of the visitors… and therefore learn more, which is always my primary goal.

And, at last but not the least, the ease of adminsitration was important. I already have some websites which are heavy to administrate while I have, of course, a regular and well occupied job. A blog is very user-friendly and it will take only few minutes to me to post a new article.

So, today, I got definitely convinced by all this advantages and decide to take action.

I hope you will appreciate at least few of my articles. Please let me know what are your feelings about my articles.

Read you soon,