French or English language ?

I will be asked soon or later why I chose english language for this blog, or even be criticized by the people of my country, so let me explain right now why I made this choice.

I just want to share with as much people as possible and from everywhere. Computer industry is probably one of the most internationalized ones. There is no discussion on this point, especially with the expansion of open source projects like GNU/Linux or so many others. Many developers of all continents now contribute and work all together in these projects.

French is definitely not the suitable language to communicate with international people, but English is. I think that it is a good point that we all have a common language to understand each other, whatever it is.

So I will stick to the English language, if you accept to forgive my mistakes as it is not my language (the spelling corrector of the blog can’t make miracles !). Well, it will be a good exercise for me too and hopefully I will improve article after article, so that it will be less annoying for our native English speaker visitors.

Sorry for the fanatic defensers of my own language, but know that I have another project that I wish to develop, even though it will take a while : . As you can see, nothing is done but the goal will be different of this blog. I will update here how it is going.