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Tested the Lenovo support…

… and was quite impressed.

Wednesday evening, I called the support to report that I was not satified with my battery. I had lost 25% of its capacity over less than 8 months.

Thursday morning, I am recalled by someone from the technical service. They first say that the battery is no more under warranty – 1 year long. I guess they say so after checking when the battery was made or sold the retailer. That does not concern the end-consumer like me : the warranty only started when I purchased the laptop, and I still have 4 months of warranty ahead.

As they asked, I send them by fax the bill which proves that, thursday afternoon. Soon after, they recall me again, just to tell me that a new battery is going to be sent to me.

Friday morning, it arrived ! So far, so good !

Next time, I may test it again concerning this issue (not so terrible in fact, and I am reluctant to send back my laptop).