Dotclear 2 to WordPress migration

Dotclear 2 has been bĂȘta for too long and I thought it was time to go over the limitations of a bĂȘta version.

It seems that many people around have done that way and WordPress is so popular that I should consider to give a try to it.

For the migration, under Dotclear 2, I exported all the content into a flat text file.

Then, I installed WordPress : an extremely easy thing ! I have seen many php software easy to set up, but here it is just impressive. Great work…

Then I put the flatimport plug-in into the wp-admin/import folder, renaming it with a .php extension.

Finally, just go to the plug-in management interface of WordPress and import it ! That went smoothly for me, but still, as expected, the images were missing in my articles.

As both blogs and all my pictures were on the same server, I just needed to move the public directory of Dotclear (containing all images) to the wp-content/uploads folder.

If your pictures have miscellanous origins, don’t worry, there is a nice plug-in that very easely fetch all the image links of your blog and put the corresponding pictures into the WordPress folder. Look at there.

On this page, there are also more complete instructions in case you need.

After a few hours of use, I can already say that WordPress is an nice piece of software : it is very simple to use, but also very functional and aesthetic. So far, there is every thing I need.

The community looks also much bigger than Dotclear, which means a lot of plug-ins and additional functionalities. :)